Dear Prospective Client,

If you’ve reached the point of asking for references, you’ve undoubtedly met with Richard Fernau and Laura Hartman, probably a number of times. You’ve seen models and photos and drawings of their creations and maybe even had the pleasure of walking through on or two of their houses, so you’re already aware of the artistry of their architectural designs and uniqueness of their vision. What then remains for us to tell you?

We interviewed a number of different firms before we settled on Fernau and Hartman; even though the others were all excellent, there was no question in our minds that Richard and Laura were the right ones for us. They respected the physical sensitivity of the building site, a beautiful but problematic parcel of native grassland. They also respected our personal tastes and were open to collaboration rather than imposing their own vision of the ideal house. They listened to our wish lists and our projections of what the house should be and could be; and then, later on in the process they helped us pare things down to a doable scale.

We were living in Los Angeles while the house was being built 400 miles away in Marin County. Fernau and Hartman bird-dogged the process for us, constantly checking on the quality of construction and insuring that all the details were being followed.

The fact that we not only became friends during the designing and building, but have remained friends, speaks for itself.

The house that they created is nothing short of remarkable. We got a space that is both lively and serene; a piece of sophisticated architecture that is also cozy and embracing. 

We couldn’t recommend Fernau and Hartman any more highly. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any further questions.

— Jane Anderson and Tess Ayers