CuriOdyssey is a science and wildlife center for kids, focused on encouraging curiosity through interactive science exhibits, animal encounters, and educational programs. Following the museum’s mission “to educate and inspire people to take care of our earth wisely,” the proposed design emphasizes the primacy of site. More like a field station than a museum, the renovated structure tells a story about its environment, facilitating an appreciation and greater understanding of its surroundings. Sustainable systems are revealed in dynamic and self-evident ways.

As an untraditional museum, CuriOdyssey’s appeal is immediate, direct, and the design for the building takes this into account. The aesthetic is that of “the tinkerer”: open to change and evolution over time, in response to financial or technological opportunities. The final design positions CuriOdyssey as both a “telescope,” looking beyond itself towards a greater context, and a “microscope,” as a place of focused observation, making visible both natural processes and building systems at work.

“F+H have been incredible partners in this endeavor. They are very good, not only at listening to our client’s direction, but also in listening for CuriOdyssey’s needs and wants – and then translating it all into a complete design package.” — Melissa Bartolo, Client Project Manager for CuriOdyssey


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