A youth organization asked us to design a complex for their new adventure basecamp high in the mountains of West Virginia. The complex was designed to allow any youth who wishes to participate in outdoor adventures to be able to do so, and is meant to be the most inclusive experience possible for members of all physical and developmental abilities. The project consists of three buildings:  

Educational Center: A world-class center to celebrate the history of the organization’s principle that members with any level of ability can share in the same experiences. This building serves to increase awareness of the range of mental and physical challenges their members and leadership face.  

Action Sports building and Ropes building: Gateway and orientation point for many of the high-adventure activities (climbing, zip-lining, skateboarding, BMX.) The buildings will focus on outfitting both beginners and experts, providing a safe and inclusive environment for them to experience the thrill of extreme sports. Adaptive equipment for members and visitors who require it will be available for the BMX and skate areas and on the mountain biking trail.