As the developer, owner and primary user of the building, I worked very closely with the architect and I found their efforts and insights on behalf of this project to be quite impressive. 

From my previous experience providing consulting structural engineering services on a wide range of the architect’s projects, I was already familiar with their design talents.  However, as a first time “builder” I had little first hand knowledge of the considerable political and technical expertise required of an architect. 

Throughout the entire process, from the initial feasibility studies, site selection and programming through the governmental review, design and construction of the building, the architect proved to be indispensable.

 I found that their synthetic and collaborative approach to design in which they coordinated, optimized and balanced the input from all the various entities and consultants involved produced a result which is far greater than just the expected “sum of the parts.” 

Ultimately, their attention to detail and technical research on elements ranging from lighting design, to custom finishes and furnishings resulted in a building that is both pleasant to work in and handsome to look at.

— Steve Tipping